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Homeschool Summer Fun

Looking for something to do this summer with your local homeschool group? Check out some of our favorite parks we have explored with our local homeschool group here in southern Wisconsin.

Our local homeschool group loves to take advantage of the nice weather months and have get togethers at local parks, State parks, and beaches. It’s a great way to make sure we don’t squander away those nice days of fresh air and hot summer sun. Plus, the kids get to play and the moms get to visit as well.  Here are some of the highlights of things we have done, right here in southern Wisconsin.

Family Night The group set aside time on a Friday night for a family potluck. Fathers often miss out on most of the homeschool gatherings. My husband was working so he couldn’t make it. The girls were a little upset when they saw the other dads, but they managed to have a good time!

Park Days On our summer fun list, we wanted to visit a ton of parks and boy have we!!

Rock River Park, Fort Atkinson, WI

Stoppenbach Park, Jefferson, WI

Riverside Park, Watertown, WI

Zoo Day We took a group trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI. And by group, I mean us and one other family. But that’s ok! We had a great time. Both of us have been to the zoo often so after riding the carousel, feeding the goats, and exploring a few animals, most of the time was spent at the beach right across from the zoo!

Beach Day I know the pool is a favorite for most families, but don’t forget your local beaches. You get the sand and water for the price of one!

Whitewater Lake

Lilly the Mermaid!

Does your homeschool group meet in the summer? What fun things do you do in the summer?

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