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The Best Ginger Beer for Moscow Mules

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Moscow mule title image

People either love surprises or hate surprises. I, for one, hate surprises unless it is a gift. I love getting a gift that is a genuine surprise. When I was pregnant, my bestest friends surprised me with baby gifts during a regular get together. I had no clue!

This copper mugs were a fantastic birthday present from my husband. We normally don’t exchange gifts due to costs and we don’t actually NEED anything. Although I gave him quite a scare when I said, “I think I like rum and ginger beer more than moscow mules.” He had already ordered them and panicked that he got me the wrong thing.

It turned out to be a great present because we set out to find the best ginger beer for Moscow mules. It was a great theme for our at-home date nights!

Moscow Mules in copper mugs with ginger beer and limes.

After trying a few brands of ginger beer, we finally found the perfect one for Moscow mules: Fentiman’s ginger beer. It has the best tasting ginger by far as well as the right level of carbonation.

You can find gourmet ginger beer in the specialty soda aisle of your grocery store. Or you can order it online!

Moscow Mules Ingredients

Once you have your perfect ginger beer, all you need to do is assemble your cocktail. Start by measuring out your vodka and squeezing in your lime juice. Add your ice and stir.

Top off with ginger beer and you are ready to enjoy your new favorite cocktail! I promise you the Fentiman’s ginger beer does not disappoint.

The Best Ginger Beer for Moscow Mules

Moscow mules taste best in a copper mug. I know, I know, I was a skeptic too but after I received the gift I understood what all the fuss was about!! When shopping for mugs make sure you look for solid copper mugs like these and not copper plated. They aren’t the same thing. The best part is you can get some great mugs at a reasonable price on Amazon. 

I hope you give these cocktails a try and click here for more of my favorite drink recipes!

Prepared Moscow mule with limes and ginger beer

Moscow Mules

Serves 1


1.5 oz vodka
1/2 small lime
4 oz ginger beer


1. Pour in vodka.
2. Squeeze in lime juice leaving lime in the glass.
3. Add ice and stir.
4. Top off with ginger beer.
5. Stir lightly and enjoy.

You need two things for a classic Moscow mule recipe: copper mugs and ginger beer. Click on this post to learn about the best ginger beer for Moscow mules.

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