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Homeschool preschool curriculum, 6 categories to get you started!

Homeschooling the preschool years doesn't need to be expensive. Check out this post on how I created a homeschool preschool curriculum!

Today I am going to share the curriculum plans we used for the preschool years, ages 5 and 3 for our daughters. All for free! Our curriculum consisted of our goals for the preschool years, and the types of activities our daughters enjoyed.

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

Letter of the Week

In 4k, Harley really enjoyed the letter of the week theme, so I am used that to reinforce some things for her and begin more formal schooling for Bear. The letter of the week entails concentrating on one letter and it’s sound and words that begin with that letter.

And this post for all our Letter of the Week work!

Crafts/Messy Fun

Along with the letter of the week I am planning on doing 2 letter related crafts a week as well as sensory activities. They LOVE sensory play and I am fortunate that I don’t mind a mess. I am not so crafty (thank god for Pinterest) but I plan on doing some with the girls to see if they enjoy it and what kind of medium they like working in best. I use my Pinterest boards to organize all my homeschool ideas and activities.

And this post for our favorite sensory activities!


Neither of the girls are reading yet, but we do have daily read alouds, reading time, and trips to the library. It’s so fun to see what kind of books they enjoy. Harley literally flipped her lid (much like this) when we found a My Little Pony comic book at the library! She hasn’t really seen a comic book before so she was enthralled by all the illustrations and all her favorite Ponies.

Homeschooling a Preschooler?

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Practical Skills

One of the goals my husband and I had discussed when we decided to homeschool, was teaching our kids real life skills. We plan on implementing this with cooking and nature time.  I am going to make more of an effort to cook with them, especially Harley. My husband does what he calls “man training” (I don’t know. I don’t ask) with the girls on the weekends. Fishing, hiking, tracking, archery. I’m not against any of these things, I just take advantage of the empty house 🙂

Dog Walking

This may sound a little strange but another daily activity we do is walking our two dogs Maggie and Tank. We go for about a mile walk (weather dependent). I include this in my curriculum because the girls ask a lot of questions along our walk and we usually get some good discussion out of it. We go by a pond so we may talk about that, or the weather, or they may just run the whole way and get some exercise. Every day is a little bit different

We also use it is a confidence building exercise. Maggie is a 55 pound German Shepherd mix and Tank is a 130 pound Newfoundland. Learning about and handling these dogs is an awesome exercise in patience and responsibility.

Field Trips

Some of our field trips include: the pumpkin farm,  UW Badger volleyball game, and a trip to Old World Wisconsin’s Homeschool day.  Check out this post for our field trips here!  And this post for some of our favorite parks!

And there you have it. A brief outline of what we included in our homeschool preschool curriculum. Sensory play, outdoor play, and sit down work all combine to make for a fun preschool experience.

Homeschooling the preschool years doesn't need to be expensive. Check out this post on how I created a homeschool preschool curriculum!

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