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Letter of the Week – Letter M

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Letter M activities for preschool including marshmallow play and moose antlers!

Looking for Letter M Activities for Preschool? Click here for Letter M activities. They include a craft, marshmallow art, and marshmallow sensory play!

Our preschool “curriculum” was super simple and followed the “Letter of the Week” format. For the letter “M” we did activities that related to marshmallows and moose. At ages 3 and 5, we spent about 30 minutes to an hour each day doing these formal sit down activities and crafts. The girls spend a lot of time playing together. We also read books, walk the dogs, and spend time with our homeschool group.

Letter M Activities for Preschool

Letter M is the highlight of our homeschool today. I had so many options of what to do but marshmallows and moose were the name of the game!

Letter M worksheetsLetter M do-a-dot printablesLetter M worksheets

These were some of my favorite pictures from the week ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing fancy. Just my sweet little girls hard at work. Harley’s name (Maryann) starts with M, so they didn’t need a lot of practice writing this letter ๐Ÿ˜‰

Moose Antlers

My kids love the book “If You Give a Moose a Muffin,” so I knew they would love making some moose antlers. I found the template onlineย and printed it off.

moose antler printable

The girls simply painted them brown, and I did the rest by cutting them out and stapling them to brown cardstock. They turned out pretty cute!

moose antler craft
finished moose antlers

Marshmallow Rainbow

While searching for M activities, I found this marshmallow activity on the No Time for Flash Cards blog. It couldn’t be simpler. I roughly drew a rainbow and marked the respective colors for each kind of marshmallow: pink, orange, yellow, and green.

marshmallow rainbow craft

Armed with a bowlful of multi-colored marshmallows, the girls glued the matching marshmallows onto the rainbow. Not without a few thousand “I wish I could each these marshmallows.” Sigh.

marshmallow rainbow craft
marshmallow rainbow art project

Marshmallow Sensory Play

This fun activity came from the blog Fantastic Fun and Learning. I set the girls up with one bin of marshmallows, one bin of cold water, and one bin of hot water.

marshmallow sensory play

The girls dove right in. Moving the marshmallows back and forth, squeezing the water out of the them, and eventually adding other toys to the party.

marshmallow sensory play with water
marshmallow sensory play for preschool
marshmallow sensory play

That wraps up some of work for the letter M. For more letter of the week work, click here! What are some of your favorite activities for the letter M? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear them.

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Looking for Letter M Activities for Preschool? Click here for Letter M activities. They include a craft, marshmallow art, and marshmallow sensory play!

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