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Letter of the Week – Letter L

Letter of the Week preschool activities and crafts are a fun and hands-on way for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens to learn and practice the alphabet. This post includes activities from our Letter of the Week L: a love craft, lavender sensory play, and a meaty lasagna recipe. Check it out!

Today, I have a craft, a sensory activity, and a recipe from our L Letter of the Week. Enjoy!


I Feel Loved When . . . I wish I could remember where I got the idea for this craft, but the idea is simple. Ask your kids the simple question, “I feel loved when. . . ” attach their answers to a heart cut from construction paper. I let the girls pick out their own colors too. Fofo LOVED this activity and kept naming and naming things. My favorite is “when I try something new.” Fofo LOVES to try new things and wants to learn as much as possible.

Bear was a little harder to get answers out of. Mostly because she is simple. She loves her Papa, Grandpa, and painting. She doesn’t need much else.

This is an awesome activity to get an insight into what your kids are thinking and give you a better idea of things you can do to make them feel loved.


For the Letter L’s sensory play, I set the girls up with a lavender water bin, inspired by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails. I loved the idea of a calming activity for them, not that it ended up being super calm 😉

To get the lavender scent, I used bubble bath. For the color, I used food gels. It came out the perfect color!

I added the girls “Little” Ponies for the letter L, but they quickly asked to add more toys.

Like most sensory activities, this kept them busy for a while. It was a quick set-up, and with a towel under the bin, minimal clean-up. A perfect activity in my book!!


L was a no brainer: LASAGNA!! The recipe we used was from Pioneer Woman’s latest Cookbook (huge shock) and Jason had so much fun making this with Fofo. He did most of the adult jobs, cooking up the meat and noodles, and Fofo helped assemble the lasagna. She stirred up the ricotta mixture.

Evened out the meat layer.

Spooned on the cheese layer.

And helped grate the fresh Parmesan for the top layer.

A recipe similar to the one we used, can be found here.

We made a 3-Meat lasagna and boy was it killer. Huge layer of meat. Huge layer of cheese. Huge servings for all of us! We ended up freezing half of it and it was just as good reheated. I love it when that happens!!

My other go-to lasagna recipe is from Good Cheap Eats, and can be found here. This recipe is amazing too. Fast, easy, and delicious. It has the perfect ratio of meat, cheese, and noodles. Plus, you assemble with the noodles uncooked which is a huge time saver.

Another go-to lasagna recipe comes from Giada De Laurentiis: lasagna rolls! A killer white sauce on the bottom, individual portions of lasagne in the middle, and then topped with red sauce and cheese. It’s so good. Totally worth trying. Click here for the recipe.

I think my love of food has taken over this post. For more Letter L inspiration, check out my Pinterest board! For previous Letter of the Week posts, click here.

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