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15 Sensory Activities for Rainy Days

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15 sensory activities for kids!

Sensory play is a hit with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. If you are looking for sensory activities for kids, click here for ideas to keep them busy!

The dreaded “I’m bored!” is something all parents hate. Sensory activities are a great way for kids express themselves and burn off some energy on rainy days. I have put together 15 of our family’s favorite sensory activities. Click on the activity name to be taken to the blog post about that activity!

15 Sensory Activities for Kids

1. Sensory tubs or table

My kids love to play in dried rice and beans. Dry noodles are a great sensory tool also.

Alphabet matching sensory play

2. Shaving cream

Try this shaving cream cookie activity or let the kids loose in the bathtub with a little container of shaving cream.

shaving cream sensory play

3. Clay

Modeling clay is a great sensory/art activity for little hands.

preschooler playing with clay

4. Play-Doh

Clay can be a real pain to clean up. I speak from personal experience. Play-doh works just as well!

play-doh mat with the letter E

5. Shaving Cream Fireworks

Another fun and messy activity with shaving cream.

making fireworks in shaving cream

6. Oobleck

My kids ask to repeat this activity all the time!

little girls playing with oobleck

7. Baking

Who is this handsome guy?!

father and daughter baking a cake


8. Water and ice

sensory play with water and ice

9. Snow

This is obviously a wintertime activity but this is another activity my kids wanted to do over and over and over again. These are the ponies the girls use in the snow!

indoor sensory play with snow

10. Jello

This is a cool multi-sense experience. First the jello is liquid, then semi-solid, and then frozen so it’s totally solid. Super fun.

jello sensory play

11. Kool-Aid

Painting with Kool-aid was a fun twist on an old stand-by activity.

kool-aid painting

12. Lavender

We did a lavender water sensory bin that was a big hit with the girls.

lavender sensory bin with water and lavender bubble bath

13. Marshmallows

You can get marshmallows for dirt cheap in the summer. Avoid stuffing them all into your face by setting up a sensory bin for your kids. Dry or with some water so see how the texture of the marshmallows change in the water.

marshmallow sensory play

14. Jewelry

My kids a fun time making necklaces with some of the 12,000 beads we have lying around.

father and daughter making jewelry

15. Opposites

Round-up all the opposites you can think of in your house. (If your house is anything like mine, it shouldn’t take long.) Big/small, smooth/rough, black/white and compare and contrast.


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What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day? What sensory activities does your family enjoy?

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Sensory play is a hit with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. If you are looking for sensory activities for kids, click here for ideas to keep them busy!

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